The P.Allen Smith Garden2Blog Event

April 25-27,2011 / Little Rock, Arkansas

P.Allen SmithG2B

Above is a copy of the invitation I recieved in early spring 2011 to the First Annual Blogger Event by P.Allen Smith at The Garden Home Retreat. I'm honored to have been on the list to tour Arkansas Governor's Mansion, Marlsgate Plantation, Tour the original P.Allen Smith Garden Home just to name a few of the fabulous locations on the schedule to visit during this networking event.

Interview with Chef Brian

I was discribed on the original list to attend the Garden2Blog event as Garden Photographer / Edible Gardener. If you have visited my blog you will find that I love to grow what I eat year-round. With this in mind it should be no surprise one of my first stops at P.Allen Smiths Home Retreat would be to the kitchen! In the video below I captured a few breif moments in one of P.Allen Smiths kitchens with Chef Brian Kelley. Those who attended this event were spoiled with fine dining from the garden to table during this event and I had to share from the kitchen it was prepared. Chef Brian stresses how much Allen and his team are for using with you grow and supporting local growers.



Thank you for sharing your kitchen with me Chef Brian and I look forward to your next share at P.Allen Smiths Garden Home Retreat.

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If you missed the live feed April 25-27 Be sure to check out the

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My Mobile Uploads Shared On Location

If photos are not loading please click this link to the Mobile Upload at the Garden2Blog Blog.


Arkansas Insiders by Dena Woerner

I had the privilege of meeting some amazing people from the great state of Arkansas during the Garden2Blog event. Be sure to check out the shares over at Dena's website. This girl always had a friendly smile on her face rain or shine!

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April 26-27, 2011
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